How It Works

Implementing the framework

The implementation process includes active administrator leadership; school-wide leadership teams; coaching; data-based decision making; and student, family, and staff input.

Active participation by district leaders is vital to the successful implementation of the PBIS framework in a district and/or school. District leaders play a key role in integrating PBIS with other work happening in the district, a task critical for successful adoption of the PBIS framework.

The district leaders also support and lead the school-based leadership teams in planning, implementation, and sustainability of PBIS. Those who act as the district coordinators attend all team trainings, serve as the liaison with PBIS Indiana staff, and coordinate tasks, trainings, and access to data.

PBIS is most effective when all stakeholders are committed to and engaged in the process. To ensure that all stakeholders are represented, each school puts together a school-based leadership team that leads the implementation process. School-based leadership teams include:

  • Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Counselors, psychologists, and social workers
  • Family members
  • Students (at a secondary level)

Each school has at least one PBIS coach who helps facilitate the work of the school-based leadership team and serves as a liaison with PBIS Indiana. Coaches are selected from among district and school staff members.

The PBIS framework uses data to understand school-wide behavioral and discipline patterns. School-based leadership teams use the data to select and implement evidenced-based practices and to develop systems for supporting staff with high-fidelity implementation of those practices. The data also helps identify whether there is gender, racial, ethnic, or other disproportionality in discipline.

PBIS Indiana engages students and their families in a culturally responsive manner during the implementation process, taking into consideration their cultural values, needs, and interests.

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