Student Engagement for Good Classroom Management

Keeping students engaged in learning is foundational to good classroom management.  Tapping into students’ interests and experiences will provide more opportunities for students to respond while maximizing engagement and promoting academic success.  In a recent Edutopia article, Peg Grafwallner discusses the following three strategies and suggests that teachers can reach content objectives by providing opportunities for students to speak, listen to, read and write about their interests:

  1. Keep it Real:  “Students want to learn about things that have an impact on them in their daily lives.”
  2. Keep it Relevant:Students want to be connected to their learning and in control of it. When planning a lesson, think about the connections students will be able to make.”
  3. Keep it Relatable:  How do we connect student interests to their textbook or other required reading? Asking students to study what they find interesting in the text is not enough. However, offering choice within those texts might help.”

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