Wednesday Wisdom

Helping students feel included and a part of the school environment can go a long way to support their academic and behavioral success and overall engagement (and attendance)!  Check out this free, downloadable phone application, “Sit with Us”, to help kids connect with one another during lunch time. 

This intervention strategy displayed visually for easy reference is a great way to re-teach the expectations regularly and offer frequent feedback.

Their “gotcha” ticket system provides instant reinforcement, plus several opportunities for students to save and spend their paw bucks later.

Positive office referrals are an additional way to recognize students or staff for their outstanding demonstration of the school-wide expectations and to keep the focus for all on the positive.  

Students include what tasks they want to accomplish for the day, what specific skills they want to learn, or what they hope to achieve by working alone or with others.

When we are active, we increase blood flow to the brain, promoting mental clarity, physical and neurological health.