Promote Kindness and Inclusion

Helping students feel included and a part of the school environment can go a long way to support their academic and behavioral success and overall engagement (and attendance)!  Sit with Us is a free, downloadable phone application developed by a student, to help kids connect with one another during lunch time.  Students create a profile, set their location at a certain school and receive notifications about lunch meetups.  Sit With Us student ambassadors organize the gatherings and support the mingling of students looking for new companions.  Read below for more information on how it’s working at Montgomery Blair High School in Maryland:

There are lots of ways to support students in connecting with others:  A buddy bench at recess for students looking for playmates, a Student Ambassador program for incoming students, or model after Teaching Tolerance’s Mix It Up at Lunch Day.  What ways are you making students feel safe and welcomed in your building?