Extend your “Gotcha” system

Parrot Middle School is finding that recognizing consistent positive behavior pays.  The school has received recognition as a “gold” school twice under Florida’s PBIS rating system.  As part of their acknowledgment system, students can earn both $1 and $5 “paw bucks” when students meet the school-wide expectations or when staff notice kind behavior towards others. 

Their “gotcha” ticket system provides instant reinforcement, plus several opportunities for students to save and spend their paw bucks later. Some of the extensions the school has implemented include:

  • School store
  • Once a month, bucks can buy lunch on the quad outside, where there is music
  • Principal for the day
  • Lunch with a teacher
  • Using a special seat in the classroom

A new student favorite includes applying bucks toward lunch in a special lounge, designed with students in mind, including gaming televisions, ping-pong table, couches, and foosball.  Popcorn comes along with this extra special reward, as well as the extra chance to socialize.

What extensions to your reinforcement system can you make this semester to enhance positive climates in your buildings?

*Source:  http://www.tampabay.com/news/education/k12/promoting-positive-behavior-brings-results-at-parrott-middle-school/2338474