Make Way for Small Wins

When setting goals for the new year, we tend to go big and look long-term.  Not only is it hard to see progress this way, it can also be challenging to know where to start.  The PBIS Apps crew this month reminds us of an important mantra:  “What is the smallest change that will have the greatest impact?”  Short-term goals set you up for strategic “doing” and more opportunities for small, yet important wins.  Small wins move you towards your long-term goal, encouraging people to keep going, especially when you celebrate your achievements. 

The latest Teach by Design blog from PBIS Apps includes this example: 

If your goal to reduce disruption in the hallway, a small win would be to re-teach the expectations for how students walk through the halls. Let’s make sure we’ve told everyone what we expect to see (and what we don’t expect to hear) on their way to the cafeteria. The goal focuses on progress and continuous improvement rather than on completing one task and moving on to something different.

Start the new year right, and revisit your PBIS goals with your Team, emphasizing the importance of setting, and reaching small wins.