Acknowledging Adherence to Rules and Procedures

Acknowledging appropriate behavior is not only a way to “put the positive on-stage” but to re-teach/re-state your expectations for students.  Additionally, behavior science tells us that behavior which is reinforced, is much more likely to appear again!  How are you doing with acknowledging adherence to rules and procedures?  Robert Marzano identifies innovation as a marker of high success in this area - adapting and creating new strategies to match the unique student needs and situations you encounter.  Here is some evidence you’re on the right track:

When a rule or procedure has been followed.

  • Teacher provides nonverbal signals
  • Teacher gives verbal cues, including thanking students and describing expected behaviors
  • Teacher notifies home
  • Teacher uses tangible recognition 

What ways can you innovate in these areas to create novelty (and renewed engagement) for your students?