Keep Proactive Strategies in the Palm of Your Hand

The use of proactive strategies will decrease the need for you to respond to student problem behavior.  Drew E. Schwartz reminds us to keep these top 5 close at hand:

  1. Teach Expectations & Procedures:  Incorporate “I do”, “We do”, and “You do” language into your daily instruction to keep expectations clear and support students success.
  2. Specific Positive Feedback:  Keep ratios high and pair feedback with the school-wide expectation.  Be sure to focus on effort and improvement, not just perfection.
  3. Pre-Corrects:  Before a transition or activity remind students how to meet expectations.  “In a moment, you can successfully use the content/skill by doing _____ & _____.”
  4. Post-Reflects:  Take time to consider what went well & discuss how to improve.  “In what ways were you just safe/responsible/etc.?  How can you learn & build upon your success?”
  5. Active Supervision:  Moving, Scanning, & Interacting

How many of these 5 strategies are part of your regular practice?  What ways can you remind yourself to incorporate these in your classroom management plan?


Source:  Drew E. Schwartz, 2013