The Yes/No Learning Skills Chart

This week, try a new intervention strategy in your classroom for students who may require more behavioral support.  The National Center on Intensive Interventions suggests the Yes/No Learning Skills Chart.  Points are earned when the teacher “catches” students engaging in appropriate learning skills. Points are redeemed for preferred activities or reinforcement.  Remember to make expectations concise, repeat them at the start of a new activity, and display them visually for easy reference.   It is a great way to re-teach the expectations regularly and offer frequent feedback.


Sample Chart:

Class-Wide Chart: Classroom Learning Skills



Keeping eyes on teacher

Following along with finger

Raising hand

Volunteering to answer question

Class goal: More than 10 “yes” points (in any column) during reading class AND no more than five “no” points equals one handful of beads for our classroom party.

Sample Script:

When giving a “yes” point to the class/individual student:

“I see that everyone is following along with their finger; that is a point for the ‘yes’ column.”

When giving a “no” point to the class:

“Oh, I see too many eyes looking around the room, so I have to put a point in the ‘no’ column. Who can raise their hand and tell me what everyone can do now so that I can give a ‘yes’ point next time?”